L'Espirit d'Escalier

L'Espirit d'Escalier

"A caelo usque ad inferos" - "From the sky to the depths of hell"

"Veni, vidi, vixi" - "I came, I saw, I lived"
This is Terra Nova.

The name's Mark. I'm 19. Straight. Single. In my second of a total of FIVE years of architecture school. MA, USA native currently residing at CMU in Pittsburgh, PA.
Don't be fooled by the classy theme; this blog is nothing more than a useless collection of my thoughts, humor (both intelligent and inane), wit, whims, wisdom, hopes, fears, joys, sadnesses, and, occasionally, my stupid adolescent passions, by which of course I mean that mysterious thing we call "love." So, don't take this blog too seriously. Don't start a religion based on it.
At least not without paying me royalties first.

You turn the book over in your hands, you scan the sentences on the back of the jacket, generic phrases that don’t say a great deal. So much the better, there is no message that indiscreetly outshouts the message that the book itself must communicate directly, that you must extract from the book, however much or little it may be. Of course, this circling of the book, too, this reading around it before reading inside it, is a part of the pleasure in a new book, but like all preliminary pleasures, it has its optimal duration if you want it to serve as a thrust toward the more substantial pleasure of the consummation of the act, namely the reading of the book.

—Italo Calvino; If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler (via wordpainting)

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I’ll talk this as a compliment, thank you.